Here are some questions to ask and how to provide support for someone who is in crisis.

Read this if you are desperate
Please read this if you are desperate.

Painful conditions always pass, both mental and physical. Life always changes, and better times will come back inevitably.
Do not decide to harm yourself for a problem that will pass.
If you need help right now and want to speak to a friendly voice without judgment, call one of the available Australian suicide helplines

Are you worried about a friend?
Here are some questions to ask and how to provide support for someone who is in crisis.
Please do not make major decisions about your life when you are depressed, or have taken alcohol or drugs.
You would never advise a friend to die because of their problems. Tell yourself what you would tell a friend.

You would always tell a friend to Hold On.

If you are distressed, why not go to sleep for a while? Your brain will have solved many problems when you wake.
The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation website provides information for people and their families who are dealing with depression, mental illness or other stressful situations that can lead people to feel suicidal.

We aim to provide helpful articles for people of all age groups and backgrounds who may be suffering a stressful event or illness that is causing thoughts of suicide.
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I Am Glad I Survived!
“I cannot believe I had thoughts of suicide” is a very common statement when people like you have recovered from a very stressful event or illness. Suicidal thoughts can happen to anyone, but they will fade away if you fight them, talk to friends, or get professional help.
If you can provide your story, please email us with details. You can remain anonymous, but we would also like prominent Australian people to tell us how they managed to win the battle against depression, stress or suicidal thoughts. Email
Helpful Articles
Please review the listed pages to your right for many helpful articles for those at risk of suicide.
You can also find specific articles relating to Men, Women and Teens by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

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More Help
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Things that help now
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Call a Suicide Help Line – If you are Feeling Suicidal

Your friends and family members would rush to your aid if you were drowning or in an accident, so tell them now if your life is in danger from suicide.

If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, know that there are many people who will gladly assist you if you let them know you have a problem.
If you don’t feel that you can talk to friends or family, there are many services available in Australia to support you.
If you’re not ready to talk to anyone but are looking for strategies to help you cope with your feelings right now, see the help articles to your right.
If you are assisting someone in crisis and need help, here are some strategies.
Suicide Help Line – Australian Services
Lifeline 24 hour crisis support -13 11 14
Hold On To Life @ the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation (24/7) – 1800 HOLDON (1800 465 366)
Suicide Callback – 1300 659 467 (available 24/7)
You can call the emergency department of any hospital in Australia. If you do not have the number, call directory enquiries and the operator will give you the number of your nearest emergency department.
GPs, Counsellors, Psychiatrists or Psychologists
You can also call your local doctor, or your psychologist or psychiatrist if you have one. They often have an emergency number for out of hours emergencies.
Other Local Services and Support
If you run a support service in Australia and would like to add it to this list, please email us at – editor at

Disclaimer: The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation ( is providing information only, not medical or psychological assessment, advice or treatment.

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Events of interest
The Inaugural Forum For Suicide Prevention Policy in Australia 2011
Suicide Prevention Policy in Australia Forum answered questions based on the effectiveness of various suicide prevention strategies. Our Chairman and Medical Director, Associate Professor David Horgan, was one of the guest speakers.
5-6 December 2011 | Novotel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne
The programme for this event can be downloaded here …