Suicidal Depression

Suicidal depression may right now feel too heavy and too permanent to ever lift but, fortunately, you can do something about it.
You must believe that you will feel better again! Many people suffer depression, or depressive illness, but it is treatable, and the way you feel right now is a symptom of the illness. With treatment your thinking can return to normal, and all the negatives that seem magnified right now, will fade as positive thoughts and feelings return.
There are certain things that you can do to take matters into your own hands and to take control of your life once again.

#1 Talk to Someone on a Daily Basis
One of the best ways in managing depression is to talk to someone about your thoughts, feelings and issues. You will most likely want to withdraw from the outside world but this will only worsen your situation so talk to your trusted family members and friends, or a healthcare professional. You will not only be provided with the loving support to deal with your suicidal depression but you will also be able to gain a different perspective.
If you cannot talk to someone on a face-to-face basis, then you can call a crisis hotline for the purpose.

#2 Stick to a Safety Plan
Keep your safety in mind by:
Avoiding substances like alcohol and illicit drugs that can worsen your health.
Developing a safety plan for whenever you feel like committing suicide – keep your friends’ contact numbers on your phone, for example.
Go out whenever the urge to commit suicide hits –walk in the park, play with your pets, and just make time for small things that you enjoy.
Stick to a regular routine. Often, the normalcy of your world will be instrumental in making you feel normal again.
Remember your goals. You should stick to small, achievable goals that you will feel fulfilled about, which will increase your sense of worth and happiness.
The assistance of a professional in finding a suitable treatment, whether it be cognitive therapy, problem solving therapy, interpersonal therapy or other methods can help you put your feelings in a new perspective and help you to find the positive aspects of your life as well as to give you coping mechanisms.

#3 Take Good Care of Yourself
When you are healthy in body, you will tend to be healthy in mind, too. By taking good care of yourself, you are reinforcing your worth to yourself first and to others second. Follow a healthy diet. Adopt an exercise program. Relieve your stress. Look good even when you don’t feel like it.

You can take control of your suicidal depression but you must ask for help, too. Your family and friends love you, and professionals are also at hand, who are willing and able to help you recover from your depression.

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