“Suicide is the new ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’” ©

We offer continuously available emotional support without embarrassment of any sort. You are totally anonymous visiting this site, you can get detailed answers to many questions, and we are never too busy to answer!

This site is intended to be an ongoing project, where ordinary Australian people, as well as professionals, can work together to help with the problem of suicide prevention in Australia. Indeed, we want to help people deal with stresses in their lives, so that we can lessen emotional pain, depression, and self-harm of any sort in the Australian community.

The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation is a government-recognised harm prevention charity, confirming we operate at the highest ethical and financial levels.

Our services began operations in 1997, providing a free telephone information service about suicide prevention all over Australia. Around the year 2000, the websites www.suicideprevention.com.au and www.aftersuicide.com.au were developed. www.suicideprevention.com.au was significantly upgraded in late 2008. In 2015, YouthSuicide.com was launched with a focus on high-quality video content.

The success and indeed the survival of the preceding organization and the current charity would not have been possible without the long-term generous financial support of the late Mayer Page. Mayer went on to suggest the establishment of a formal charity, now the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation

The current board of the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation consists of:-

  1. Clinical Associate Professor David Horgan, a psychiatrist based in Melbourne, who is the founder / medical director.
  2. Ms. Kathryn Page, a businesswoman, is a director, continuing the intense support of Mayer Page (deceased).
  3. Dr. Cathy Sloan is a GP in Melbourne, and is a director.
  4. Ms. Mary Rose Morgan is a CPA, and is a director and treasurer of the ASPF.
  5. Mr. Michael Cassar is a specialist consultant to non-profit organizations, and is a director.
  6. Mr. John Hardy is our chief executive officer, with a distinguished executive career.

For more information about our organization, you may visit www.ASPF.com.au.