Teenage Stress, Depression and Suicide

Teens A Unique Perspective and Passion for Life

Although it is hard to believe, many things that seem huge when you are young will seem very minor years later.   How many people will remember a problem 10 years later, or even one year later?   Bad times always change, and depression will always fade away, with or without treatment.

Depending on our age, we all see things very differently.

Middle-aged and older adults do not get so passionate, for better or for worse, because they have learned more things as the years go on.  Something that seems world-shattering to a young person or a young adult, will seem much less important after time has passed.

When you are young, it seems that certain things will never change, but the reality is that life always changes.   If things are good now, you know from time to time they will change; equally, if things are bad now, you must remember that things will change for you also!
Teenage Stress

Teenage stress is something that all teens face at different times whether through family or relationship issues, school or schoolwork pressures, or something else. There are healthy ways to teach a teen to cope with stress including exercise, finding someone to talk to, plenty of sleep, and the support of family and friends.
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Teenage Friendships and Relationships

In your teenage years and early adult years, friendships and relationships are very important.  However, good times and bad times happen in all relationships, in all friendships and in all marriages.

I suggest that you and I do not know of any relationship which has been good all the time!

It is important to keep a perspective on the bad times and the good times.   If something bad happens in a relationship, it is not inevitably the end of that relationship, otherwise there would be no friendships or marriages lasting beyond a few weeks.  If you are having a problem in a friendship or in a relationship, please do keep in mind that this is very common and very normal, and if you wait long enough, the situation will change.


No matter what goes wrong in a friendship or a relationship, do keep in mind that your survival is vital.   If a friend of yours had a fatal medical illness, they would not want you to die also.  If something disastrous happens between you and another person, you know that other person would not want you to die either.   If you had a major fallout with a friend or someone with whom you were having a relationship, you would not want the other person to die!  
Treat yourself the way you would want the other person to behave, even if there was a sudden problem between you and them.


Teenage Depression

It is now known that teenage depression happens to more young people than was previously understood and is a serious medical condition that requires treatment.   Depression can make you think there is nothing in your life, or in your future but this is far from true…


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