We are extremely grateful to the late Mayer Page for many years of financial and advisory support for the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation, as we run various websites and the Australia-wide free telephone service 1-800-HOLDON.
We are very grateful to the principals and staff of Global Vision Media, who went to great lengths to produce a highly interactive and responsive website, often making innovative suggestions to improve the final result and to ensure the lowest cost possible.
We are also very grateful to Freehills Lawyers in Melbourne, who undertook the large amount of legal work required to establish our charity on a pro bono basis. This was a generous act of corporate involvement in the Australian community.

We thank Dame Elisabeth Murdoch for a spontaneous large donation, once she heard of our work.
Can we include you name or your business name here as one of our major sponsors?
Give us a reason to put your personal name or your company name here!!, either individually or together with some friends or workmates. Why not raise a donation for us, adopt us as a worthy cause as your organisation.s favourite charity, or help in other ways. For example, the next time you are having a party or social function, why not tell your friends and guests not to bring alcohol or a present, but instead make a donation to us? All donations are tax deductible, and all donors who provide their email address, will receive a free 200 page book on depression, written by our founder/medical director, Clinical Assoc. Prof. David Horgan.

Donations can be made from the home page here. We also run www.nopresentsplease.com.au and www.noflowersplease.com.au as fundraising websites, which you can use for appropriate purposes. We facilitate the collection of money for other charities also, through these websites.

All donations of any size are welcome and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, as we are a government-approved charity. Please go to our home page to donate and receive a FREE 200-page ebook on depression written by our founder / medical director, Clinical Assoc. Prof. David Horgan.