Overcoming Your Plan to Commit Suicide

Are you planning to commit suicide?
Are you so depressed that it seems the only way to end your suffering is to end your life by your own hands?
Are you feeling lonely and alone with no one to turn to?
If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, then you should take a few minutes to read this article before actually committing suicide– or at least, making any move to act on your intentions. You will find that there is hope despite your suffering and that there is someone who is there for you during your darkest times.
Bad times pass, and so will the feelings you are currently experiencing.

#1 Make a Promise to Yourself Not to Do Anything At the Moment
Yes, you are feeling so much pain at the moment but you must give yourself a reprieve from your suicidal thoughts and be free from your pain if only for the next few hours.
Make a promise to yourself now: “I will wait for 24 hours before I commit suicide. I will divert my attention away from what I am planning to do –talk to friends, go out for a walk, and perhaps watch a funny movie.” Your goal is to wait until your suicidal feelings have subsided and you have ceased to act on your plan.
Even just making the decision to have a sleep can have you waking with an improved view on life.

#2 Avoid Certain Situations and Substances
Make deliberate choices to avoid situations and substances where your suicidal thoughts can be carried into action and your suicidal feelings will be reinforced.
Avoid drinking alcohol, taking illicit drugs, and keeping prescription medications that can be used for an overdose.
Make your home a safe place for you to be in. Remove items that you can use to hurt yourself like knives, razors and firearms as well as sleeping pills – or ask someone you trust to remove these things for you, if possible.

#3 Reach Out
Many suicidal people feel better after reaching out and opening up to people they can trust. You can do it, too, with your closest friend, your partner, or some other member of your family – or if you want, a member of the clergy, a professional therapist, or even a doctor. Your goal is to find someone who will listen, understand and then provide assistance.
If you have no one to turn to so much so that you want to commit suicide soon, you can call Lifeline ( 13 11 14) or the Suicide Foundation (1800 HOLDON) for 24 hour support.
You are not alone and you need not be alone!