Stopping arguments

Dealing with conflict
Conflict is a major source of stress in the life of many people.  It is important to be calmly confident if possible, when facing a conflict situation.  It is also very useful to KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN when in a conflict situation, thus automatically pressurising the other person to do the same.
Learning off certain suitable phrases, in the hope that they will come to mind when facing a conflict situation, can also be very useful, phrases which indicate you are willing to be reasonable, but wish to postpone the matter which is making the other person angry.
Useful phrases include:
1)   “Let me think about it” in response to being asked or told to do something by somebody else, which you regard as unreasonable.  This gives you a few moments to think without being pressurised to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the spot.

2)   “I see your point of view and I will think about it; do you see my point?”  This can be a useful technique when someone clearly is adamant they are right about something, and are trying to get you to submit and agree.

3)   “Let’s drop the subject for the moment” and “let’s agree to differ” are phrases obviously designed to allow both parties to calmly back away from an unresolved conflict situation, particularly one which seems to be progressively escalating.