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Suicidal Depression

Suicidal depression may right now feel too heavy and too permanent to ever lift but, fortunately, you can do something about it. You must believe that you will feel better again! Many people suffer depression, or depressive illness, but it is treatable, and the way you feel right now is a symptom of the illness. […]

Alcohol Problems – Depression, Health Problems and Suicide

Alcohol addiction and alcohol problems affecting people’s health are far more common in the western world than are problems due to other agents, such as illegal drugs.   Alcohol problems are associated with marked increase in death from suicide.      Many people go through episodes in their life where they drink heavily.   However, when […]

Dealing With Emotional Stress

All individuals will be exposed to emotional stress at many points in their lives. High levels of emotional stress can be brought on by many events in life including the loss of a loved one, marital divorce and relationship conflicts. Fortunately, successfully dealing with emotional stress is possible by adopting the following suggestions. As can […]

Schizophrenia and Suicide

1% of the world’s population suffers from schizophrenia or psychosis, a condition in which people lose their motivation and organizational ability to a huge extent, and may have convincing experiences which do not actually exist, such as hearing voices, or becoming totally convinced about unusual ideas. Fifty percent of such people will attempt to end […]

Bipolar Illness / Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar illness, also known as biploar disorder (previously called manic depressive illness, which has nothing to do with being a maniac!) is a chemical imbalance affecting about 3% of the population to a greater or lesser extent. People with this genetically driven chemical imbalance can become severely depressed very easily and develop overwhelming thoughts of suicide.   They can also […]

Suicide Statistics Australia

Suicide and attempted suicide affect not only the individual committing the act, but friends, relatives, colleagues, family members and children. Therefore, statistically almost everyone in Australia is going to be affected by thoughts of suicide, attempted suicide or death from suicide. There are approximately 2000 deaths from suicide per year in Australia at present. This […]

The pressure on You

Seek support for yourself: it is emotionally draining to be trying to help anyone who is considering suicide. Make sure you look after your own safety both physically and emotionally. Remember if someone has decided to end there life it is their decision; what ever you have done to try and help will not have been […]

Medical or Professional Help

CONSIDER MEDICAL OR PROFESSIONAL HELP: There are a number of psychological illnesses, which distort people’s thinking and let them see only negatives in life;  this can make suicide seem attractive. Illnesses, such as depression, panic, alcohol problems, bipolar illness, schizophrenia etc. etc. can all change people’s outlook. It is often hard to convince a friend that their […]